What is an Editing Consultation?

Have you ever wanted to just hop onto a phone call or a video chat with an industry expert to ask all the questions you’ve been dying to have answered? Written feedback and editing services are great, but if you’re someone who would like to set up a consultation to discuss writing-focused topics, Brigham Editorial is happy to oblige.

What Types of Writing/Editing Consultations Are There?

Consultations can cover any of a number of topics, including:

  • Talking through a book idea before you write it.
  • Discussing a plot hole or frustrating “stuck” point with a work-in-progress.
  • Discussing feedback from a prior Brigham Editorial service (such a query package critique or developmental edit).
  • Coaching sessions to work on an area of craft where you feel like you could use some improvement (descriptions, dialogue, voice, humor, etc.)
  • Query coaching, which is designed to help those querying for the first time so they can put together a strong gameplan for submitting to agents. This could include how to find which agents to submit to, how many submissions to send out at once, etc.

Or, if you’ve got a need to chat through something that isn’t on this list, we can do that, too. Whatever you need via consultation, Brigham Editorial can provide.

What Do Copy Edits Cost?

Consultations are billed by the half-hour in 30-minute or 60-minute increments:

  • 30-Minute Consultation – $75
  • 60-Minute Consultation – $150

How Do I Book a Consultation?

To book a consultation, please complete a contact form. I can answer any questions you may have and then get you on the schedule as soon as there’s an opening. It really is that easy!