Developmental Edits

If you need help with the big picture, including elements like plot holes, pacing, characters, and action, then developmental edits might be best for you.

Manuscript Critique

If what you need is a highly-skilled, highly-qualified beta reader, a detailed manuscript critique can help give your story direction.

Query Package Critique

For those gearing up to query agents, it helps to get a set of professional eyes on your query letter, synopsis, and/or first ten manuscript pages.

Copy Editing

If you’re happy with the story but need help putting the finishing touches on your manuscript, a copy edit will take a close look at grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.

Writing Consultation

If what you need is to talk through ideas or roadblocks with your story, set up a consultation, either by phone or video chat, to find the direction and clarity you need.

Other Services

Authors aren’t the only ones who need help with their writing. Other editing services cover resumes, cover letters, proposals, presentations, and other professional and educational writing.